Damon Parran

Damon Parran

Pastor Damon Parran

Our Pastor

Damon Alexander Parran is the Pastor of the eChurch, Everybody’s Church and Overseer of the Victory International Worship Centers, in Puchana, Pena Negra, San Carlos                                                and Tres Octobre, located in the Amazonian region of Peru, South America.

Born in Washington DC, Pastor Damon was raised by his single mother, Delanda Bartens-Perez and grandparents, Bishop Robert A. Parran, and his wife, Missionary Zara Parran.
He has been married to his lovely wife Tamika for almost 17 years. They have three daughters, Rayne, Skyla and Soleil.

Pastor Damon began his ministry as a church janitor, drummer and van driver, companion and chauffeur for his grandparents and later as a lay minister and Elder, respectively. On
January 20, 2000, Bishop Parran passed on the servant’s mantel to Pastor Damon who was installed as the next leader.

A born leader and visionary, he changed the name of the Church in March of 2014 to eChurch-Everybody’s Church formally Victory Intl. Worship Center to reflect the expanded,God-given vision. Additionally, he oversaw several ministry expansions including domestic & international outreach, education, youth & children’s church, women’s ministry & men’s ministry, teen cell group bible study, benevolence and communications.

In 2008, eChurch reached across international waters and established four churches in the Amazonian region of Peru, South America through its international outreach ministry, under Pastor Damon’s leadership. On the domestic front, eChurch is in the local community doing street evangelism and winning souls for Christ! Also, eChurch has distributed hundreds of Thanksgiving baskets to local area families and distributed Christmas toys and food baskets to over 80 families and 180 area children.
You can follow Pastor Damon Parran and eChurch as they follow Christ on echurch’s website,  www.echurchonline.org, as well as on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Livestream, respectively.