Your Challenge is an Opportunity

Your Challenge is an Opportunity

By Stephanie Parran

Challenges are just opportunities in disguise. It’s a matter of perspective. I know when we are going through our personal storms it doesn’t always feel that way. However, I realize that God will often use our challenges in life as an opportunity to show who He is and what He’s capable of doing.

I am reminded of the story of the blind man in John chapter 9. The disciples encounter a man who had been blind since birth and they asked Jesus: Who sinned? This man or his parents? “Jesus answered, neither this man nor his parents sinned, but this happened so that the works of God would be displayed in him…” (John 9:3).Your challenge is nothing but an opportunity for God to display His work in your life.

God also uses our challenges to bring us closer to Him, to mature us and to develop our gifts. These are all opportunities for God to display his works in our lives.

Challenges draw you closer to God

The moment we get in trouble, we run to God. God often uses our challenges to bring us closer to Him because often we have allowed life to distract us. He knows that unless He allows a challenge, we would still be going about our own way and make choices that keep us from our time with him. Challenges can serve as wake-up call to us. God wants us to draw closer to Him and spend more time with Him and challenges helps that into perspective.

Let me also make this clear. Having a close relationship with God will not eliminate challenges in life. As matter of fact the bible states that we as believers will face many struggles and afflictions but delivers us from them all (Psalm 31:19). And God will give us the grace to get through them.

Challenges make you grow

If it weren’t for our challenges, we wouldn’t grow. We need resistance in our lives to strengthen us and to mature us. It’s like exercising. As you begin to lift weights, for the first couple of days your muscles are sore and stiff. But as you continue to lift the weights you become stronger, your muscles become more toned and you are able to endure more. Our challenges help exercise our faith and trust in God. They allow us to become more mature and they build our endurance.

Challenges helps us develop and discover our gifts

As we grow in our challenges we will begin to tap into our gifts. Challenges have a way of introducing us to parts of ourselves that we never knew existed. For so many of us, if our back wasn’t against the wall, we wouldn’t realize how talented or gifted that we were. God often uses challenges to pull out those precious gifts that he deposited in us.

God never intended for our gifts to lay dormant. So be thankful when doors close because it is an opportunity for God to expose the gifts He placed inside of you.

My prayer is that you will allow God to change your perspective on the challenges that you’re are facing. I hope that you no longer view your situations as challenges but as opportunities for God display His ability through you. Grow closer Him and allow Him to introduce you to the gifts that He has placed inside of you.


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